Things to Keep in Mind While Climbing

You’re looking over everything you have to do today, this week, this month, this year. It seems like a lot all in all, you can feel the weight of just the thought. There is a mountain before you – one you most likely aren’t looking forward to climbing.

I understand your worry. Mountains are difficult, strenuous things. It is perfectly fine to be worried about them

The thing about climbing mountains is that you must take care of yourself. Step by step, try to look at each kilometre instead of the whole thing. There is no doubt that you can climb the mountain, the only difference is the variables – like time, and strength of mind, support, those things. You can climb some mountains easier than others for all sorts of different reasons, but no matter how big or small your current mountain is, you can’t rush through it. You don’t want to reach the top only to be so out of breath you can barely enjoy it.

Take joy in climbing mountains, no matter how laborious they are, and always remember to take your mountains slowly.



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