On Order

I am most certainly not the most orderly person i know. Messy most things, i crawl through haphazard piles of all sorts to reach my goals. My mind is messy during most hours of the day (who knows what it’s like during the night), even my blog posts are messy, here and there. I lose pens only to find them later in a different pencil case. To be disorderly is probably in my nature, and though it can be well argued that the quality is a bad one, there’s no reason for me to fight against it.

There must be a reason why i am messy.

A lot of people think that to be successful you have to have everything in order, every aspect of your life organised to the most minute details. My mountains are made of discarded bookmarks, finished pens, coffee mugs and lists that were meant to organise my life. Read these words slowly, carefully: IT IS FINE FOR YOUR LIFE TO BE MESSY. A life cannot be perfect, stop trying to make it that. Just live, even if it means walking into books often.



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