“Sing it for the boys
Sing it for the girls
Every time that you lose it sing it for the world”

It’s been a damn long time, since this band was together, since i last heard this song. You see the year 2013 written out now and you can’t seem to think of the length of time between then and now. It’s been a damn long time but this is still damn important, and everybody who doesn’t think it just doesn’t know.

The thing about having things to keep you going, is worrying what you’ll do when they’re over. I’m sure, that was the way with this band for a lot of people. Yet here we are, still living, and just living is enough for now. You’ll always have your hopeless moments, but you’ll never lose your voice.

Don’t give up on all you’ve worked for so far, just sing instead. And sing it loud.

(Picture at the top from Fanpop, the page is –



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